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ASC Equipment & Library

The Society has some items available for use by members. A list of these items are shown below. Any hire charges are for the purpose of covering the maintenance costs of the item.


150mm (6″) Newtonian on a dobsonian mount (available for hire to members only at $5 per month)
250mm (10″) Newtonian on a dobsonian mount (available for hire to members only at $10 per month)


Astronomy Monopoly game

Library Books and Magazines

Title Author Pages Copyright Year Publisher Name Owner / Donation Notes
Instant Reference Astronomy Teach Yourself 220 2000 Helicon Publishing Michele Verrender A-Z .Summary of important aspects of astronomy and space exploration.  Appendices of key facts, dates and people.
Journey Beyond Selene Jeffrey Kluger 314 1999 Simon & Schuster Donation Remarkable Expeditions past our moon & to the ends of the solar system.  History of our unmanned space probes. Co-author of Apollo 13.
Managing Martians Donna Shirley (Danelle Morton) 276 1998 Broadway Books Donation Manager of JPL Mars Exploration Program.Story of a woman’s lifelong quest to ‘get to Mars’- Pathfinder Mission. Team behind Sojourner.
Measuring the Universe Kitty Ferguson 306 1999 Headline Book Publishing Michele Verrender The Historical Quest to Quantify Space.  Wrote Stephen Hawking biography: Quest for a theory of Everything.
Planetary Mission – Multimedia Maris Multimedia 0 1998 Piranha Interactive Publishing Donation As navigator of a futuristic space ship, you encounter neighbouring planets. Using the latest orbital theory you can execute missions etc.
Sothern Sky Guide Second Edition David Ellyard & Wil Tirion 95 2001 Cambridge University Press Michele Verrender Beginners guide to the southern hemisphere skies.  Include, 24 charts of the whole sky, 20 sectional chart, planet positions till 2010. Chart of moon features.
Southern Cross Journal of the CAS Incorporated Canberra Astronomical Society 18 1998     Complete Collection of Canberra Astronomical Society’s Journal from February 1998 to current.  Please borrow in yearly lots.
Target Earth Duncan Steele 160 2000 Readers Digest Michele Verrender Search for Rogue Asteroids and Doomsday Comets! Features our very own Rob McNaught.
The Case for Mars Robert Zurbin (Richard Wagner) 344 1997 Touchstone Michele Verrender Step by step explanation of how we can use present technology to send humans to Mars within ten years.
The Missing Universe Graham Phillips 148 1994 Penguin Books Michele Verrender Mysteries and Conundrums that don’t quite fit into conventional scientific theory. TV presenter of Quantum and Hot Chips!